1. Deutsche Giessdraht GmbH, Emmerich (40%)

This company’s purpose is to rework electrolytic copper cathodes, which have a superior purity and constant quality, into wire rod. In its present-day use copper wire rod is an essential pre-material for modern wire and cable manufacturing.

The range of production of the Deutsche Giessdraht comprises „DG Rhein-Rod“ in diameters of 8, 10, 13 and 16 mm. The 8 mm rod can be delivered with a smooth or roughened surface depending on the customer’s requirements.

The standard coil weights are 3.5 tons, 4.2 tons, 5.0 tons and 6.2 tons.


The manufacturing of DG-Rheinrod is processed strictly according to the Southwire-technique (SCR System). The DQS certificate is a hallmark for state-of-the-art goods corresponding to the ASTM B 49-92, BS 6017.

Up-to-date technologies and a certified quality assurance system according to DIN ISO 9002 (Euro-norm 29002) guarantee a high and steady product quality. The advantageous and convenient location of the DG in Emmerich at the lower Rhine side with easy access to ports, railway and motorways is a great asset for both the supply of cathodes as a pre-material and the dispatch of wire rod to the customers.

In 2000 the DG celebrated its 25th anniversary. To date more than 6 million tons of wire rod have been produced.

Flüssiges Kupfer

2. Codelco Services Ltd., London (20%)

This company, which is located in London, is mainly in charge of the hedging activities of Codelco Kupferhandel through the London Metal Exchange (LME). Codelco Services is a subsidiary of Chile Copper Ltd., which is an Associate Trade Member of the LME.


3. CK Metall Agentur GmbH, Düsseldorf (100%)

In 1992 Codelco Kupferhandel established an agency of its own. It works as an agent of Codelco Chile for the sale of copper products (fire refined copper, blister and cathodes) and molybdenum (Mo-concentrates, Mo-oxide, Mo-briquettes) in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Denmark.

Besides, as a 100% subsidiary of Codelco Kupferhandel it is responsible for this company’s contractual transactions.